Paula J. Roberts

As an artist, designer, and watercolor renderer, Wisconsin native Paula Roberts uses her specialized skills to work with you to bring your project ideas to life.

Paula is an accomplished watercolor renderer of religious and commercial interiors, exterior perspectives, and furniture drawings. She is also a designer in a variety of glass styles and techniques including stained and leaded glass, etched glass, and award-winning designs for stained-glass overlay.

She designs statues, bas-reliefs, and interior and exterior sculptures for wood, fiberglass, metal, and ribbon metal. Paula is adept at the design and fabrication of textile pieces, including quilted hangings, seasonal decorations, vestments, and special occasion banners.

Her abilities also include designing for mosaics, stencils, and book covers, and the design and painting of murals and inscriptions. All of her work is handcrafted, not computer-generated, with special attention given to your individual needs.

“I give every project, no matter how big or small, my full attention, time, and talent.”

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